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South Asia Partnership International (SAPI) is an integral part of South Asian Civil Society. Rooted among the National SAPs it works in solidarity with global civil society. It comprises of National SAP organizations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and Canada. SAPI was formed as a coordinating and facilitating body of the SAP network. Its institutional structure has a general body, Board of Directors and a Secretariat located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Executive Directors (EDs) together constitute the program committee.

SAPI draws its strength from National SAPs who have rich experience of working with the poor and marginalized in their respective countries to eradicate poverty and all kinds of exploitation. Separate national issues having regional implications are assessed and consolidated to arrive at suitable program interventions. In the most complex situation, SAPI strives to make the voice of the poor and marginalized in the region to be heard at national and international forums and aims at strengthening peace and regional cooperation for poverty eradication, socio-economic justice and prosperity.

Drawing on development -research, experience and resources of several support organizations and networks form around the world, SAP I supports its members and others with programs on capacity building, research and training, advocacy and lobbying, networking and assistance for resource mobilization. Regional programs and campaigns of SAP International address root causes of poverty, inequality and the sense of helplessness in South Asia. Towards this, SAP International is constantly building and fostering linkages and collaboration among civil society organizations and proving the necessary micro-macro interface and support.

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